Rum Baba’- Learn How To Make Them

Rum Baba

Rum Baba

Rum Baba  is this beautiful sponge pastry soaked in a sweet rum sirup.

Often when you buy Rum Baba in a pastry shop the taste of rum is very watery so why dont make them yourself following this original Italian recipe?

Rum baba’ – original Italian Recipe

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  1. Rena Klovsky says:

    I had rum baba in Naples and I love them.They are the best. What kind of rum should be used in your recepie?. There are so many kinds and brands. And is it possible to use dry east instead of fresh east?. I would appreciate if you give me your advice. Thank you.

    • Hi Rena and thank you for looking at our site. I love rum Baba’ as well and my wife makes them often. You can use dry east if you like in the proportion of one sachet (7 gr.) per 500 gr of flour. Regarding the Rum any dark rum will do. Naturally try not to use a very cheap one if you want a nice flavor. Regarding the strength just taste the syrup to make it as strong as you like. Just a suggestion, do not make it to week. Good luck and do not get drunk!!!

  2. Love this recipe. I have eaten the rum baba in Naples, Italy and the delicious ones in Little Italy in New York City. My grandparents were from Naples and my grandmother made an excellent rum baba. This recipe is the closest to my grandmother’s version that I have ever tasted. Thanks for sharing this excellent recipe.

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