Every religion refers to a holy book – the Bible for Christians (image below), the Torah for Jews (left) and the Koran for Muslims (right)-to determine some religious food restrictions, what you can and can not eat, when, under what conditions and even how you should prepare it.




PigThe Pig

Based on ancient health reasons, Jews and Muslims repudiate the pig. It is considered an unclean animal. For this reason, during certain periods, Christians increased consumption transforming it into a form of religious identification.





LambsThe Lamb

Lambs are ideal for the moderate Mediterranean landscape, so do not be surprised that the three monotheistic religions have chosen the lamb as a representative animal. Symbol of fidelity and purity, its meat is used as a main dish in the festivities of the three religions.







Pig Prohibited Accepted Prohibited
Any kind of meat With restrictions Accepted With restrictions
Fish With restrictions Accepted Accepted
Seafood Prohibited Accepted Accepted
Eggs and Dairy products With restrictions Accepted Accepted
Alcohol Accepted Accepted Prohibited