Are Traditional Italian Recipes Being Replaced by Modern one?

Old&NewRecipesBeing Italian, I have a passion for good food and for cooking and I’m always tossed between traditional and modern italian recipes. This s why I watch all the episodes of Master Chef and I appreciate the skills and imagination displayed by the competitors in cooking their specialties.

I understand that with time the original recipes have been modernized, mostly because of the influence of foreign cuisines. Different spices and herbs have been added changing the taste of some of the most traditional dishes.

Some may say that these new recipes are just a new and more modern interpretation of the original Italian recipe and I agree with that. However the risk we take is that the younger generation, being more exposed to a wide variety of international cuisines and having acquired the taste for many new exotic spices, will end up finding the simpler and less spiced original recipe too bland for their taste.

The most simple and famous Italian dish (together with the Pizza) has been changed often adding ingredients like sugar, tomato paste, pepper, red chilli, anchovies, white wine, vinegar, lemon juice, minced meat, garlic powder, oregano etc. etc..

So here is the dilemma…

Should the competitors stick to the original and traditional recipe, running the risk of been penalized by the judges for not giving the dish their personal touch or should they cook adding their own flavours and changing the taste that withstood the times?

What’s your opinion?