Passaparola – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Passaparola RestaurantIf you live in Sydney you have to go to Passaparola to taste the real Neapolitan Pizza!

The 11th of this month  was my birthday and with my daughter and my aussie son in law we decided to go for a Pizza at Passaparola, an authentic Italian Pizzeria that opened not long ago.

It wasn’t our first time  because after eating there once you are hooked to their Pizza and you are forced to go back.

The place is run by Fabio, one of the most characteristic Neapolitan “pizzaiolo” that I know. He has decorated the place with light and warm colors  and has all the thing you would expect in an Italian Restaurant but without exaggeration.

PassaparolaThe Pizza he makes is unbelievable , the dough is light and soft and cooked in the wood oven is deliciously crisp on the edges. The toppings are all of prime quality and in the right proportions. In few words the Pizza is to die for.

The Menu offers a variety of other dishes and as an appetizer I suggest you try their Buffalo Bocconcini with freshley sliced Prosciutto crudo. Fabio slices the prosciutto in front of you with his Ferrari (because is Red) Slicer.

Last but not list the Service is excellent, all the waiters are friendly,polite and funny.

Take my word, you will eat like a King and you will have a fantastic time. It will be a night to remember.

If you are interested this is the address:

Passaparola Ristorante

104 Ramsay St Haberfield NSW 2045

(02) 9799 0100

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